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ZRP needs more tact, less brutality


Dear Editor
I wonder how police officers are taught to respond as well as to handle cases? Are they supposed to beat up a person when they approach suspects before gathering the full facts?
On Saturday night around seven o’clock at the Norton tollgate, one vehicle went past without paying and was called to stop but it did not. The responsible officer was busy warming himself by the fire, posing the threat of causing a veld fire instead of being alert on duty.
Another driver stopped paid and was handed the receipt but the collecting officer noticed that the money was not enough and alerted the driver to stop. The Zimra officer called on the policeman to attend to the driver. The driver stopped when he heard the calls and pulled over. On approaching the vehicle, a police officer slapped the driver.
I was amazed at the fact that the policeman slapped someone behind the wheel of a car with passengers. Who knows what could have happened in such a situation? Let us encourage dialogue first, not slapping each other.

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