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Zimra has failed nation


Dear Editor
Something is wrong with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra). The Anti-Corruption Commission is right in portraying Zimra as a corrupt entity in one of its advertisements.
Zimra is the perfect model of corruption and how it can kill a country.
Service standards have deteriorated at all Zimra offices. I will just mention Beitbridge, Chirundu and the Harare Customs office, opposite Harare Central Police Station.
Procedures have been made long and complicated so that there will be confusion. Who is benefitting from all this chaos?
Are we not embarrassed when our neighbours have better systems in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana?
How come we are faced with officers who do not know what they are doing, unlike those of the 1990s? You cannot argue on legal issues with the half-baked officers and they cannot give the public advice. Their only language is that of penalties or fines.
I seriously think that something must be done to steer the ship back on course. Our model in Zimbabwe gives the wrong picture of what a revenue authority can achieve.
Why has the performance deteriorated with more commissioners? Have they not created jobs for the boys and girls? We now have more managers at the top but poorer service delivery.
The current beneficiaries will use all their energy and tactics to fight and defend their present status. Fight a cornered man and you will see how he reacts; it will be a question of life or death.

Concerned Observer

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