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l We are witnessing the effect of xenophobia just a few weeks after our sons and daughters’ unceremonious return from SA.
An example is the stabbing of Nan Goosen and the robbing of yet another Pakistani man, both from Bulawayo. These incidents show how dangerous our children have come to be during their stay in Joza (Johannesburg).
The government should screen returnees because we are going to have another Alexandra (South African township) here, where criminals pounce on victims daily.
Mapuvire, Bindura
l Thank you Cuthbert Dube and company for your professional approach to Henrietta Rushwaya’s alleged match fixing and links to corrupt betting syndicates.
Try to get to the bottom of that abyss and inform the stakeholders.
Lucas P Makuvire, Glen View
l Thanks Ropafadzo (Mapimhidze -NewsDay columnist) for the article on single mothers.
Please do another one on gay people. They are being persecuted daily in the church.
Victim, Harare
l Can someone tell the Chinese to clean their shops? They look disgusting.
Shocked, Harare
l Can somebody at Kadoma Town Council explain why the state of Rimuka Stadium is the worst ever in years? Why don’t those who work there do their job?
Tavonga Tonhodzai
l If doing dressmaking, food and nutrition makes you a heroine then I am guaranteed a hero’s status also.
I know someone with virtually no heroic exploits to their name who was declared a heroine.
Robina, Harare
l I’ve found reading NewsDay attention-grabbing, inspiring and newsworthy. lt’s a strong brand which is bargain-basement-priced but praiseworthy.
Gavi T
l The consequences of the “shoot to kill” order is the killing of innocent people.
The remarks made by the police recently must be condemned in every respect.
Gavi T
l High Glen/Willowvale Road robots have not been working for a rather long time now. Could the city fathers do something before we suffer the loss of more innocent lives.
Gavi T
l Can Zesa please explain why residents of Glen Norah have electricity cut off at 4am only to be restored at 9pm daily?
Would the responsible authorities please help.
l Who’s this imbecile of a coach who fields a team of three weaklings? Listen carefully, Mbare Chimurenga Choir, kupenga hakusi kure nemi (You are very close to insanity).
Your jingles and video are an insult to Fifa.
Valery, Concession
l Why should the MDC worry about Zanu PF jingles on ZTV? Who watches that channel?
Zanu PF should make use of SABC/DSTv to air their ill-conceived ads. Viva MDC, viva!
l Hygiene should be top priority in food shops, especially butcheries. It’s disgusting to see people serving meat and handling the dirty cash at the same time.
Edwell De Pedro, Mutare
l Zanu PF forced us to quit listening to and viewing biased ZBC channels nge (with) 100% local content. They mustn’t trouble us about licences. Asikho lapho. Si sharp ngeFilibao. (Licences don’t apply to us. We’re fine with Filibao satellite receivers).
Malibha Busani

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