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I’m not an impostor — Gudza


City of Harare Fire Brigade divisional officer Erasmus Gudza, who has pleaded not guilty to extortion and criminal abuse of office, has in his defence said he was not an impostor but had been hired by a transport company to perform consultancy services.
Gudza said Heywood Haulage and Investments trading as GDC Logistics voluntarily engaged his company, Lake Fair Services to do work at its Chitungwiza, Workington, Beitbridge and Chirundu depots.
But the state is alleging that sometime in 2007, fire officers from the City of Harare visited GDC premises in Harare to inspect the fuel tanks to establish whether they complied with the City Council’s regulations but did not compile a report.
Gudza, realising that the officers had not compiled the report, allegedly visited the company a few days later and allegedly introduced himself as the chief fire officer.
The state alleged that Gudza told Mawire that a report allegedly submitted to his office by the three officers had concluded that surface fuel tanks constructed 30 years ago at the company were illegal and as a result the company faced possible closure.
The state alleged Gudza then instructed Mawire to engage Lake Fair Fire Consultancy, a company where Gudza was the director, to draw a site plan, a pre–requisite for underground construction of fuel tanks.
The state further allege, Gudza told Mawire that any drawing done by another company besides Lake Fair consultancy would not be approved by his office. The state also alleged that Gudza extorted fuel from the company and forced it to employ his relative.
But Gudza in his defence said GDC were illegally dealing in foreign currency and offered to pay for his services through fuel coupons which it disguised as donations.
As regards the issue of forcing the company to employ his relative, Farai Watadza, Gudza said that GDC company representative Kuno Mawire voluntarily offered a casual job to his uncle.
He said his relationship with Heywood Haulage came to a head sometime in September last year after Mawire tried to influence him to stop officers from fire prevention department from enforcing an order against the transporters and he refused to act corruptly.
Gudza said his denial angered one of the company’s directors identified only as I Silk who then hatched a plan to eliminate him from the Harare Fire Brigade through false and trumped up charges.
The trial continues on Wednesday.

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