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Court to rule on Mliswa today


Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei will today rule on the bail application by Temba Mliswa after defence witness Reserve Bank (RBZ) senior divisional chief Morris Mpofu finished giving his testimony yesterday.
Throughout his testimony Mpofu distanced himself from the central bank’s dealings with Mliswa and consistently remarked, “I am not in a position to comment,” to almost all the questions he was asked.
He said he was “not in a position to comment” on matters regarding the Memorandum of Deposit (MOD) agreements because the RBZ had appointed Tawenga Chitauro to be the head responsible for MODs.
Asked by the defence lawyer Charles Chinyama to comment on the letter bearing his name but without a signature Mpofu said he could not give any comment about documents not bearing his signature.
Mliswa had called Mpofu to testify in his bail application and to state whether or not he (Mpofu) had made a report to the police or authored the documents that were shown to Detective Inspector Samuel Masvokweni by the state.
Mpofu told the court that the investigating officer received a report from RBZ and not from him.
Chinyama argued that Mliswa remained a good candidate for bail and that the state’s fears that he was a flight risk were covered in the last bail applications.
“During his incarceration from June 28 to date, nowhere is it alleged that he attempted to interfere with the witnesses or attempted to conceal evidence crucial to this matter,” the lawyer said.
Chinyama said Mliswa did not become a fugitive from justice despite his knowledge of the existence of these alleged cases. He had surrendered himself to the police, Chinyama said.
“Basically unless someone is a biblical Daniel, no sane person would walk into the lion’s den,” Chinyama said.
Turning to the issue of Mliswa possibly flying to the United Kingdom, Chinyama said Mliswa was at one stage chairperson of the land committee and as such he would not be allowed entry into the United Kingdom where he was an unwanted person.
Mliswa is in custody for allegedly defrauding the RBZ of $3,5 million and for alleged theft of six 60KVA generators.

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