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Zexcom documents forged — court


BULAWAYO: -Several Bulawayo lawyers and commissioners of oath have been caught up in allegations of forging documents that led to the placing of the Zimbabwe Ex-Combatants Foundation (Zexcom) fund under provisional liquidation last year, NewsDay can reveal.
According to High Court documents, some of the people supposed to have signed the affidavits that supported the application for the liquidation of the former liberation fighters’ fund died earlier than the purported dates they allegedly signed the affidavits.
However, lawyers and commissioners of oath, reportedly acting in cahoots with applicants in the matter to dissolve Zexcom, allegedly forged and certified some of the affidavits filed at the High Court.
One of the deceased persons whose affidavit was used is Glen Moyo (Shareholder Certificate number 000334099) and holder of 66 shares with the Zexcom fund.
The court papers say Moyo claimed he had not received any dividend from Zexcom since 1999.
Reads Moyo’s affidavit: “I, Glen Moyo, the undersigned do hereby make oath and say that I have read the affidavit of the first applicant and wish to state that I agree with the averments made therein and I beg leave to incorporate them herein as if they are my own.
“I also wish to confirm that as a shareholder, I have not received any dividends from the Respondent (Zexcom Foundation) since 1999.”
Moyo, according to the court documents, is said to have signed the affidavit on the June 11 2010.
However, a copy of Moyo’s death certificate (death register number BDH689/ 10), also enclosed in the court documents, shows that he died on February 8 2010 and buried in Esigodini, Matabeleland South.
The applicants in the matter, in connivance with the lawyers, whose names are yet to be ascertained, allegedly used nine other deceased people’s names to buttress their case.
One of the leaders of the petition to have the fund placed under liquidation, Andrew Ndlovu is still under investigations by the police’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Serious Fraud Squad.
The police are reportedly awaiting a report from the Questionable Handwriting Experts Department (QED) section.
Investigations by NewsDay also revealed that while some of the people used in the application were dead, some of the affidavits belonging to surviving members of the fund were simply forged.
The investigations also revealed that one of the lead persons used in the application, Getrude Makwila Moyo, who in the court documents claimed she was a shareholder at Zexcom was found not to have been a member of the fund.
Efforts to get a comment from Augustine Zimbili, spokesperson for the CID to ascertain whether police were investigating the matter, proved fruitless as his mobile phone was unreachable.
But officials at Zexcom said they had tipped the police of the anomalies discovered in the court documents.
The discovery, sources at the High Court said, was one of the reasons the court threw out the appeal to have the fund liquidated.
In its order, the High Court ruled that the applicants should be paid their dividends after the evaluation of properties owned by the fund.
It also ordered the fund to carry out an inventory of the assets and liabilities of the fund before dividends are be paid out.

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