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We’ll pull down statue – Nkomo family


The family of the late Vice President and freedom fighter, Joshua Nkomo, yesterday called on the nation to help fight the government over the erection of Father Zimbabwe’s statue at Karigamombe Centre in Harare.
They said the statue should be pulled down if the state goes ahead with its plans to erect the figure at that site.
Yesterday, construction at the site continued unabated, an indication the government, through the Harare City Council stood by its resolve to have Nkomo’s statue stand (in salute) at Karigamombe Centre, formerly Piccadilly Centre.
Workmen were busy putting up the pedestal on which the statue would stand.
“This is an honour gone wrong and an honour given in bad faith,” said Thandiwe Nkomo-Ebrahim, the first daughter of the late nationalist.
She said the family had taken its time to digest the meaning of the government’s decision to erect a statue of their father at a building called Karigamombe (one who takes – and fells – the bull by its horns) in apparent inference to Nkomo who played “the bull” in Zimbabwe’s early 80s politics where President Robert Mugabe played “the bull feller”.
“The location chosen in Harare (Karigamombe Centre) for the Nkomo statue tarnishes all the good work that was put towards this project by a lot of people. It is a choice made in very bad taste.
“It has turned this whole event into a mockery and insult not only to the Nkomo family but to the nation and particularly people of Matabeleland, former PF Zapu supporters and all those who believed in what the late Father Zimbabwe stood for,’’ Thandiwe said. If the inclusive government proceeded to erect the statue at the site, Thandiwe said, the family would lobby various groups and all Zimbabweans to campaign for its relocation. Even if this effort failed, the family would not rest and would approach future governments to ask that their father’s statue be pulled down from Karigamombe. “On our part as the Nkomo family, we will continue to lobby and petition this government and subsequent ones to have the statue re-located so that our dear father’s soul can forever rest in peace. We truly hope that all self-respecting Zimbabweans will also speak out on this matter,’’ she said. The late leader of the former PF-Zapu party was persecuted before and after the liberation war and it appeared his enemies were bent on perpetuating persecution even in his death, Thandiwe said. “…Our late father was persecuted, humiliated and insulted in his lifetime and there are obviously people who still have a burning desire to continue persecuting him in his after-life. This is just an additional indignity in the tortured life of the late Father Zimbabwe and in the painful and awkward history of a people,’’ she said. Father Zimbabwe’s daughter attacked the architects of the statue idea calling them “small minds’’.
“Those who did this are exposing their irrelevance…,” They are not interested in the honour at all, but in stirring up controversy. We are petrified at this misuse of public office to play silly games and make irrelevant statements. This only goes to prove that small minds will always be part of us,” Thandiwe said.

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