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Hippo attack leads to fisherman’s death


A 56-year-old Binga man is suspected to have been devoured by crocodiles after his canoe was attacked by a hippopotamus and capsized while he was fishing- police said yesterday.
Police spokesperson for Matabeleland North, Inspector Trust Ndlovu, said the incident occurred last Friday at Sebungwe River in Binga.
Ndlovu said the deceased was identified as Jani Muleya and was in the company of his brother when the tragedy occurred.
“The now deceased and his brother left their homesteads and went fishing at Sebungwe River. Upon arrival, the now deceased’s brother, Mudimba Maxson (53) cast his net, caught some fish and left for his homestead,” he said.
“While the now deceased was casting his net, his canoe was attacked by a hippopotamus and it capsized. He then tried to swim to the river bank, but he failed and drowned,” he said.
Ndlovu said the incident was witnessed by children whose homestead is about 40 metres away from the river who alerted their uncle and other villagers.
“The matter was reported to the police and a sub-aqua team was sent out. However, they failed to find the body and we suspect that the now deceased could have been eaten by crocodiles, as the river is crocodile-infested,” said Ndlovu.

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