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Bantu Rovers struggle to pay players


Low morale has characterised Premiership club Bantu Rovers’ camp amid revelations that players have not been paid their 2009 winning bonuses and are yet to get their payment for coming out third in the Independence Trophy in April.
A source privy to the goings-on at “Tshintsha Guluva” yesterday told NewsDay that the players’ morale was ebbing due to non-cooperation by the club on financial issues.
An impeccable sources said that although he could not identify them by name, most senior players at the club have threatened to part ways with the Methembe Ndlovu-owned outfit at the end of the year when their contracts expire.
“Things are not well at Bantu Rovers as the players have not received their winning bonuses for last year.
“They are also complaining that they did not get anything for coming third in the Independence Cup final in April.
“Many of them have come out in the open to say that they are leaving the club when their contracts expire at the end of the year,” the source said.
The source said when Bantu Rovers pocketed $5 000 for the third place in Independence Cup, club president Ndlovu told the players that the team was broke and the money would be used for away games.
“Of course, the players have not won a game this season but for them to not have received last year’s winning bonuses and nothing from the Independence Cup is quite demoralising to say the least.
“They cannot win any game under the circumstances,” the source said.
However, Bantu Rovers’ secretary Wilbert Sibanda laughed off the allegations and said as a club, they would not discuss player’s salaries and contracts with the media.
Sibanda said no player was owed any money by the club and each player has been paid all his dues according to the contract he signed with “Tshintsha Guluva.”
“We as Bantu Rovers are not going to discuss players’ salaries with the media. Neither are we going to discuss their contracts with you.
“They are very confidential. Please may we not discuss that but for the record we do not owe any player any money.
“Everyone has been paid their dues according the contracts they signed with Bantu Rovers which we cannot discuss,” Sibanda said.
A player, who refused to be identified, yesterday said players had approached team manager Wonder Mpofu to have their issues addressed but to no avail as each time promises have not been honoured.
“We have a skeleton executive and we do not know who to approach,” the player said.
Another source said the arrangement made by Ndlovu and his players put them in this predicament.
He said when the players signed their contracts last year when Ndlovu acquired the Eastern Lions’ franchise, they agreed that they would get paid when the club started to have significant cash flows from home games.

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