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ZCTU welcomes salary cuts


The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has welcomed the government’s efforts to rein in state enterprises and parastatals accused of operating in a lackadaisical manner.
The Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals, Gorden Moyo, last week said the cabinet had agreed on sweeping reforms on operations of the majority of state enterprises and parastatals.
The reforms will see state enterprises and parastatals reviewing salaries and perks of their executives some of whom are earning salaries as high as $11 000 a month.
Wellington Chibebe, the ZCTU secretary general, said they were happy with the moves to regulate salaries and the general operations of state enterprises and parastatals in the country.
Chibebe said it was disturbing that while civil servants were taking home $165 a month, senior executives in state enterprises and parastatals were earning ludicrous amounts of more than $11 000 per month.
“This however, calls for immediate action as the matter came to the fore in 2009 and these individuals have been milking parastatals while those who toil and suffer to produce, the workers on the shop floor, take home peanuts,” Chibebe said.
“Simple mathematics show that a salary of $11 000 can pay 66 workers at the average minimum wage of $165. In addition to this $11 000, the same executive is entitled to perks that include unlimited cellphone allowance, fuel for multiple vehicles, free school fees for all children at private schools and an absurd entertainment allowance.”
Chibebe said the ZCTU was proposing a new law that makes it mandatory for executives to disclose their salaries and perks.
“The public will then have a chance to weigh whether such high perks are necessary when we are pleading poverty as a country,” he said.

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