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Welshman Ncube eyes presidency


The race for the leadership of the MDC-M has opened amid reports secretary-general Welshman Ncube could contest for the post of president at the party’s elective congress early next year.
Ncube is no longer eligible for re-election to his current position and indications are that he could opt for re-deployment to any other post including that of president early next year.
Although Ncube was forthright regarding his position he said MDC-M had resolved at the party’s national executive committee (NEC) meeting in April that each NEC member could seek re-election at the party’s elective congress.
He said no formal discussions had taken place about leadership positions in next year’s congress as was implied by media reports on the issue.
“It is clear that we will have a new leadership in the congress because you will certainly not have Welshman Ncube as secretary-general of MDC-M. You will not have Fletcher Dulini-Ncube as treasurer-general nor will you have Gibson Sibanda as vice-president. This is because all the three have served their two terms in office in those positions. However, the national chairman (Joubert Mudzumwe) is eligible, so is the deputy secretary-general(Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga) and even the president (Mutambara).’’
“Congress will sit and in its wisdom can decide where to deploy people. Remember in the last congress, it was decided to get Mutambara who was not even in the party’s national executive to come and lead. That could happen. What I’m really pointing out is that leadership positions will be decided at congress. As for the specific question on my attitude towards the issue, my answer is simply that I am available in the same manner as all the other members of the national executive for re-deployment to any other position, be it president or deputy secretary-general and whatever congress sees fit,’’ said Ncube.
“It could be one or two individuals talking about their wishes. All districts in the province would have to meet to discuss such a crucial issue and then negotiate with other provinces. That has not happened,’’ said Ncube.
Reports have linked Ncube — Industry and International Trade minister and the MDC-M mastermind- to the presidency of the party. This reportedly followed disgruntlements by the general membership of MDC-M over the leadership style of Arthur Mutambara.
Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara is a former student activist who was catapulted to the leadership of MDC-M during the party’s last congress.
He has been accused of being President Robert Mugabe’s “poodle’’ for “singing praises’’ to him when the president was accused of presiding over the demise of Zimbabwe’s economy. Ncube said anything could happen at the congress.
“However, re-deployment to another position should not be used as judgment on someone’s ability or lack of it as everyone has worked hard to strengthen the party including the president.’’

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