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DJ trades spanners for microphone


It does not happen everyday that one dumps a secure job as an electrician for the uncertainty of the entertainment circuit – far more so in nightclubs.
But Christopher Muhotiwa, aka DJ Breezy, did just that.
And that was all it took to cross swords with his mother, who felt his decision to pursue a lifetime dream was foolishness of youth.
While the earliest childhood dream was to become a musician, the fact that he realised he was not that gifted vocally, he settled for the closest choice – if you can sing, then play the music.
The fact that he was working for an automotive company was not strong enough to stop him in his tracks.
“I was an auto-electrician for a company called Automotive Electrics where I quit last year after realising that I needed to fulfill my passion of being a DJ,” he said.
Muhotiwa has a tight schedule where he plays at Tipperary’s Club on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and at Club Asylum every Saturday afternoon.
In 2008 DJ Breezy played at Phat Sam’s in Westgate before leaving for Stars Nightclub where he played on Thursday nights.
Muhotiwa has worked with some of the country’s top club disc jockeys including the Lion Lager Beer Festival best DJ, Elroy, Maxxy, Mos Def and Drew to mention a few.
He said he no longer has a steady social life because of his hectic working schedule and the little free time he gets he uses it to rest.
“My mother does not want me to be a disc jockey because she thinks I might die of HIV and Aids or other sexually transmitted illnesses but I am going to prove her wrong,” he said.
DJ Breezy said despite the discouragement from his mother, his father has been very supportive of his dream as he has stood by him emotionally and financially. He hopes that one day his mother will feel the same.
The 23– year–old plays Hip Hop, House Music and RnB and has made remixes with popular songs like Shaina by Alexio Kawara and Miss Independent by American singer, Neyo.
Muhotiwa is one of the very few DJs that are into this job on a full–time basis.

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