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AMI upgrades, rebrands Trauma Centre


The African Medical Investment (AMI) says it has upgraded and re–rated Trauma Centre in Harare to provide absolute healthcare services under a new brand — Trauma Centre Hospital HARARE.
The medical centre — which specialises in emergencies, including emmotional and psychological cases – was closed two months ago as renovations that have been going on in the last six months, advanced.
Chief Executive Officer Brett Winston, said the hospital would be re-opened “shortly” with new re–rated facilities, including online therapeutic services, which would considerably raise the standard of healthcare in Zimbabwe.
“Our Harare Trauma Centre is currently being renovated, and is close to final completion,” Winston said. “Currently, the centre has much building work being completed, and hence is not suitable for public access.
“Rest assured however, that when the centre is complete, we will be ready to provide the absolute best in healthcare available in Zimbabwe once again. We will now be known as Trauma Centre Hospital HARARE.”
Winston added that the recapitalisation programme has boosted the hospital’s capacity to offer patients higher standard service and healthcare than previously, consistently they are striving to provide the best possible service.
“Our centre is unique in terms of the level of service and healthcare it can provide, and Zimbabweans will ultimately benefit from a standard of healthcare that was not previously available to them. We look forward to nurturing you back to health,” said Winston.
The hospital operates as a boutique, which offers both physical therapies to walk-in patients and online medical service to off-site clients.
The facilities include a coffee shop, five two-bed wards with an en-suite shower, basin and toilet.
There are also two single-bed executive wards with a visitor’s couch, an en-suite bath, shower, basin and toilet.
The upgraded facilities will also include three private consulting rooms, an on-site pharmacy, a dentist, occupational therapy and a maternity ward.
State-of-the art equipment exists in the form of an X-ray and CT scanning machine as well as a Dexxa X-ray Bone Densitometer and mammography facilities.
The hospital will also have two clinical laboratories, and two high-tech operating theatres, a two-bed pre-op ward and two bed recovery wards.

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