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Even the unemployed don’t want to work for government


Many workers in Zimbabwe would move if they had a chance, but none of them would want to work for government. Interestingly, the largest number of them would converge at one company —Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited, and for a reason.
The country’s largest mobile phone operator pays well and is quite dynamic in terms of opportunities for growth, according to the June/July Zimbabwe’s Most Admired Employers survey by Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC). The survey, Zimbabwe’s first, elicited the views of prospective employees and those employed outside the polled companies who were asked to state the organisation they would not hesitate to join, providing the reason.
The survey carries the views of 830 people drawn from seven industries and polled through email.
About 95,8% of the participants are currently employed, 64,5% of them occupying managerial positions. On average, the participants were middle-aged married workers with about 10 years of experience.
Forty percent of the people polled were first degree holders while 27% had progressed to post-graduate levels.
Based on the employment and occupation profile of the survey, nearly all polled are prepared to move from their current employers.
Some 58, 6% of the respondents said they admired Econet Wireless, the largest telecoms company and parent to five operating subsidiaries.
Zimplats, Zimbabwe’s largest platinum miner, was ranked second with 10,6% of the votes, followed by Delta Beverages with 2,7% votes and CBZ Bank with 1,8% of the votes. The United Nations amily sealed the top five.
The top 10 also included Zimasco, BancABC, Kingdom Bank, Unki Mine NSSA, Nestle, RioZim, Ernst & Young, Telecel, NetOne, World Vison, Uniliver and Renaissance Merchant Bank, in that order. The last three were tied in position 10.
Ranking the pull factors from 1-10, the participants said they were mostly attracted to these companies by remuneration (26,63%), opportunities for growth (13,13%), employee welfare (10,24%), vision (8,55%), corporate governance (5,54%), employer brand (5,42%), work environment (5,06%), stability 94,7%) and social responsibility (3,13%).
“The Most Admired Employers survey is based on the perception of prospective employees,” Memory Nguwi, IPC managing consultant, said. “When we do the Best Employers in Zimbabwe Survey in October we will have the companies by sector. The best employers survey scheduled for October is based on the perception of current employees in the organisation.” The results of the survey show that banks attract employees the most, followed by telecommunications and mining and manufacturing.
But some sectors are not a choice, even for the unemployed.

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