Zimbabwe must be allowed to sell diamonds freely


Dear Editor
I wish to air my anger at the hypocrisy by the West regarding the sale of Zimbabwean diamonds.
Zimbabwe should be given the right to sell its diamonds to support and feed its people.
Zimbabwe urgently needs capital injection into its coffers to sustain the hospitals, schools, road infrastructure etc that had deteriorated due to unavailability of cash.
No one can argue that some problems have been politically motivated in Zimbabwe, but I still feel that Zimbabwe should be allowed to sell diamonds to help its people.
What Zimbabwe needs today is cash injection from diamond sales and not aid. Aid makes us dependent on the West.
Dependency on the West comes with strings of control. One wonders why Zimbabwe is treated differently.
Looking at KP member states, Israel has Palestinian blood on their hands, China has some of the worst human rights violations, United Arab Emirates uses forced labour in its construction of industries and moreover, EU and US use blood oil from Iraq but no one questions this.
Europe should come to its senses and realise that their policies towards Zimbabwe have done more harm than good to the welfare of Zimbabweans.
If human rights organisations and their donors are concerned about the welfare of ordinary Zimbabweans, they should back our call for Zimbabwe to be allowed to sell our diamonds.
We do not condone the loss of innocent lives in Chiadzwa but
allowing the sale of diamonds will help the government to assist affected or displaced families.
We call on fellow Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to campaign for Zimbabwe’s right to sell diamonds.
Duran Rapozo (Coordinator)
Manchester, United Kingdom