Suluman to feature AY Band


Sungura musician Suluman Chimbetu has refuted allegations that he was on the verge of taking over the late Sam Mtukudzi’s AY Band, although he admitted that he frequently shared the stage with them.
Sam, son of the legendary Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, died early this year in a car crash that also claimed the life of his sound engineer and best friend Owen Chimhare. Suluman, the Nama winner, added that AY Band is set to feature on most of his upcoming shows.
“I am going to be frequently doing shows with AY Band but we are definitely not joining up to form one group. We will only be working together,” said Suluman.
Gossip had already started circulating in entertainment circles that Suluman was slowly taking over the late Sam Mtukudzi’s band.
However if it were true the majority of people who follow their music would have been very eager to see just how the two groups were going to perform since their music was not similar.
“I will simply be giving AY Band a platform to do their own performance at my shows meaning that we will not sing together but perform as separate groups in one event,” he added.
AY Band has also been spotted at several of Oliver Mtukudzi shows including the one held during celebrations marking the Day of the African Child at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe recently.