MDC united, ready to deliver


As a broad-based and popular people’s party, the MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, has taken the Zimbabwean political landscape by storm since its formation in September, 1999.
For the first time in the political history of post-independence Zimbabwe, the MDC presented the most lethal and formidable opposition to the former revolutionary party, Zanu PF.
A short ten years after its formation, the MDC has emerged as the biggest and most popular political party in Zimbabwe today.
It has re-defined the Zimbabwean political architecture; bringing along with it a refreshing aura of dynamism and excitement that can only make Zanu PF green with envy.
The allegation that the MDC does not have a concrete ideology is a myth. The bedrock of the MDC ideology is social democracy; a tantalising mixture of firebrand trade unionism, student activism and a sprinkling of intellectual vibrancy.
The mis-informed and ill-schooled have shamelessly tried to portray the MDC as a party that is made up of contradicting and opposing social classes and interests. This argument is fallacious.
It is dead in the water simply because there can never be homogeneity in any political grouping. By its very nature, society is composed of different and in some cases, antagonistic social classes. Thus; it is completely impossible to find a political party whose membership is solely composed of workers or peasants, for instance.
What is crucially important is the undeniable fact that the MDC; as a social democratic party; generally shifts to the left of centre.
Put simply; the MDC is a party for the downtrodden working class; the hugely under-estimated youth and students; the poor peasants in the villages and small farms throughout the length and breadth of Zimbabwe.
The MDC is a party for the people and of the people; it represents the present and the future of Zimbabwean politics. Unlike Zanu PF which is imprisoned in history and locked up in yesteryear political glory; the MDC derives its legitimacy from the generality of the people of Zimbabwe who now appreciate that we cannot feast on the past without engaging the future and seeking to positively influence the manner in which the country is governed; going forward.
As a popular movement of the toiling masses of Zimbabwe; the MDC is, inevitably, targeted for demonisation by those elements of society, few in number as they are, who are desperate to stop the wave of change and who are hell bent on clinging onto their ill-gotten loot.
This is a desperate and vicious grouping of women and men who see the collapse of the status quo as marking the inevitable annihilation of their lifestyle of greed, corruption and kleptocracy.
You can rest be assured that this group of people will fight against change; to the bitterest end. To them change means a return to normalcy; to a situation where people will get rich through sheer, honest hard work.
These people are anti-work. They are pathologically lazy and they know that they have no snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding in a country where merit and hard work determine one’s success in life. These people have grown fat on a diet of profligacy, patronage, nepotism and corruption.
They suffer from a debilitating deficit of honesty, decency and integrity.
The MDC is not a party of puppets. We are patriotic and hardworking sons and daughters of Zimbabwe. We have entered into politics in order to save our beloved motherland from the path of gloom and doom that Zanu PF has set to walk along.
We love Zimbabwe so dearly it pains us to just sit back, relax and watch as Zanu PF drives our beautiful little country to total oblivion. We will continue to peacefully fight for the people’s right to achieve real positive change in their lives.
The MDC is not about to disintegrate. Those few people who still believe Zanu PF’s stale propaganda to the effect that the MDC is faction-ridden will believe anything. They will get the shock of their lives come next election time.
Whilst Zanu PF is busy believing its crude propaganda cobbled up by the thoroughly discredited Zimpapers and the ZBC; the MDC is quietly busy at work throughout Zimbabwe; mobilising for popular support and scoring spectacular winners each and every day.
Those of us who want to dwell in Zanu PF’s fools’ paradise are welcome aboard! The MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is here to stay; make no mistake about that.
While Zanu PF uses intimidation, threats and violence to seek the people’s support; the MDC uses a charm offensive.
We know what the people want to hear and want to see in their day to day lives. We do not have to whip them into line; neither do we have to rape them and torture them to make them support the people’s movement.
We talk the people’s language; we mix with them and we identify with them. We are the people and the people are the MDC. We are acutely aware of the fact that Zanu PF is terminally ill and that nothing will save that moribund and faction-ridden party from total electoral annihilation come next election.
As a people’s project, the MDC is ready to deliver the sucker punch to Zanu PF at the next elections.
The MDC is getting stronger and more united each and every day. We are loyal to the people; we are loyal to our leadership and most of all; we are loyal to our conscience. We shall neither retreat nor surrender on our march to a New Zimbabwe.
The MDC is united, winning and ready for real change!

l The Hon OC Gutu (Member of Parliament)