Calls to change education curriculum- Coltart


Education minister David Coltart has called for a review of the country’s education curriculum which he says has become irrelevant especially in the area of information technology.
Speaking to the media on the sidelines of a workshop on education on Tuesday, the minister said Zimbabwe was lagging behind in terms of curriculum development.
“We are woefully behind especially in areas such as information technology. For two decades our curriculum has remained the same,” he said.
Coltart said he would next week lead a delegation to the United Kingdom to engage developmental partners to address this situation.
The meeting is scheduled for 22 and 23 July in London.
Tuesday’s workshop was held with a view of coming up with a document to be presented at the London meetings.
Coltart said dialogue with the finance ministry was key in coming up with a proper budget for education in 2011.
He said the inclusive government was in the process of reaching out to partners including non-governmental organisations to fight financial problems faced by the ministry.
Delegates to the meeting said the country needed the support of international partners such as the World Bank.
The meeting noted that one of the key elements to ensuring recovery of the sector would be through the restoration of professional status of teachers.
“This is the most important component in the education sector,” Coltart said.
The delegation to the United Kingdom was expected to lobby donors to fund education in Zimbabwe.
“We need funds to re-invigorate the schooling system so that the education system can start functioning again,” said Coltart.