African Destiny makes impact


Contemporary Afro – music outfit, African Destiny, has defied all the odds that often dog new groups and just three years after their formation they have already gone on their maiden European tour.
Their European tour came courtesy of their win at the Music Crossroads Inter-regional Festival competition in Livingstone, Zambia, last year.
Band member Taona Mutengo told NewsDay that winning the regional competition saw them accorded the opportunity to tour Sweden during winter.
“In August 2009 we represented the country at the Music Crossroads Inter-regional Festival competition in Livingstone, Zambia where we won the Winter European Tour to Sweden,” said Mutengo.
The energetic seven–member outfit, which was established in 2007 by group of students from Midlands State University, has been performing at various venues and music events since 2008.
They were part of the inaugural Thuba Lethu/Nguva Yedu Youth Festival, Chimanimani Arts Festival (2009) and the elite International Festival of the Arts (Hifa).
Band members include Carmen Hwatari (24, Louisa Mlambo (27, Decent Chambwera (26), Pritchard Chikwama (25, Brian Munongwa (23) and Raymond Mupfumira (20).
In December last year, they were granted the right to record the World Bank anti-corruption campaign theme song, and were subsequently made ambassadors for the campaign.
The youthful group has a 10-track album titled Introducing African Destiny composed of beautiful love songs including Nzira Yangu, Waenda and Ndauya Ndega which are frequently played on local radio stations.
“All the lyrics were done by Decent and Carmen and are based on our life experiences while our biggest challenge since the beginning was balancing our school work and band issues but we are happy because all of us are graduating this year,” Mutengo said.
During their tour of Sweden, where they staged 23 shows in 11 different cities, they managed to squeeze in workshops at various universities and music institutions.
“We also did collaboration through a live show with students from the Ingesune School of Music and recorded a song with popular Swedish rapper, Bahrang,” said Mutengo.
Members of the band are drawn from Bulawayo, Mutare, Masvingo and Harare.
Pritchard also plays the bass guitar for popular Jazz artist Victor Kunonga and Carmen does backing vocals for Andy Brown, Willis Wataffi and Adam Chisvo.
“We all want a career of music as we feel we can contribute a lot to the country’s music industry since we have the talents and the academic as well,” he said.