Zhakata’s silence irks fans


Music maestro Leonard Zhakata (pictured right) is yet to release his latest album, almost a year after promising his fans that they did not have long to wait.
The musician has been holding shows at several night spots across the country at which he plays new songs he says will feature on his new album, Gotwe/Last Born.
Last Friday, the prolific songwriter refused NewsDay an interview saying: “I have decided not to grant interviews to the media until the right time”.
But his silence has courted the ire of his fans, some of whom have opened a Facebook fan page to vent out their frustration.
Zhakata, who hogged the limelight in the late 90s with his hit, Mugove (off the album Maruva Enyika) went on to build a solid profile that established him as a force to reckon with in the music industry.
His fame, however, has waned over the last few years, and his reluctance to release his latest offering has not helped matters either.
Despite his meteoric rise to stardom in the 1990s, Zhakata’s music took a knock after the state broadcaster ZBC, reportedly refused his music airplay.
One of his fans, Cleopas Makamera, said: “As music fans we need feedback on our comments. Talk to us and don’t disappoint us please.”
Another fan wrote on the fan page that Zhakata had to take them seriously if he wanted to maintain his popularity. A member of his band, Zimbabwe All Stars — who refused to be named — said the 42–year–old music guru was incensed by recent media reports suggesting he was now riding on the back of other popular musicians to make money.
This, according to the band member, did not go down well with Zhakata.