Rapper, dancer in tiff over payment


Controversial rapper, Kennedy Simbanegavi, whose sexually explicit music videos have caused a stir in the urban grooves circuit, was recently arrested and detained by the police in Harare after a female dancer who features on one of his clips claimed he drugged her before the shoot.
However, Simbenagavi, aka Yoz, was later released after the dancer withdrew the charges.
It has emerged, however, that the dancer, only identified as Penny, had not been paid after having been promised $30 for her stint in the video shoot.
The 22-year-old Highfield–based rapper alleged that Penny had made a false report to the police, together with other female dancers, on the semi-naked video shooting.
A police officer based at Machipisa Police Station confirmed the arrest, but the artist was only released after the complainant withdrew the charge.
Another dancer, Evelyn Mhembere, who was also featured in the hard-core video, confirmed they were never paid for their participation.
The video features young dancers clad in underwear and bras dancing obscenely and mimicking sex acts.
Most of the urban groovers’ music has failed to make an impact on the market and this has seen most of them fail to reap significant financial rewards.
The content of the music, which is mainly influenced by western Hip Hop, has had few takers on the local market.