Miss Tourism helps street kids


Reigning Miss Tourism Harare Samantha Dika and Streets Ahead have joined hands to provide emotional, social and practical needs for street kids in Harare.
Streets Ahead lends a helping hand to disadvantaged children through material assistance, legal advice, counselling, rehabilitation and education.
Dika took time to visit the capital’s oldest high density suburb, Mbare, where she spoke to street kids encouraging them to return home.
She said the joint venture with Streets Ahead was to uphold the rights of children living and working on the streets of Harare.
Dika added that their task was not an easy one considering the attitude of the people they were dealing with.
“My role is to let them know that there is a place to go to, which is Streets Ahead, and so far the outreach programme has been a success since the majority of the children I encountered had no idea they had a place to go to,” Dika said.
She said together with Streets Ahead they were aiming at building a home for street children in the near future.
Dika said they would soon be fund-raising in schools, supermarkets and churches in Harare and elsewhere, encouraging them to donate $1 towards the construction of a street children’s home.
Streets Ahead fundraising coordinator, Victor Maunzeni, said the outreach was a success so far but needed additional support.
“We do not have a home to keep the homeless, but we support a home in Tafara that is run by one of our staff members,” Maunzeni said.
“We focus on children aged between six and 18 because it is better to catch them young.”
Streets Ahead is a registered welfare organisation that started operating in 1991 ostensibly to assist underprivileged children and youths living and working on the streets of Harare.