Burglars hit Bulawayo council schools


Council-run schools in Bulawayo have experienced an upsurge in the number of break-ins and thefts in the last month raising suspicion that convicts on community service could be the culprits.
Although the council could not immediately release the figures, their latest council report says the municipality is concerned by the increase in thefts at its institutions of learning.
The local authority has 28 schools guarded by municipal police.
The report states that council schools have for a long time been accepting convicts to perform community service there, but last month there was an alarming rate of break-ins and thefts.
“It has been noted that some (convicts on community service) tend to steal while doing community service or they engage in surveillance and later steal after their tenure,” read the report.
Following the spate of thefts, the city fathers have resolved to stop accepting convicts on community service at municipal schools while they re-strategise.
“Liaison has been done with the responsible authorities so that no convicts that are convicted for theft offences are deployed at council schools,” the report states.
“There are too many meetings held at council schools at different times, while some schools are used as distribution points for different programmes.
It may be important to review such activities so as to reduce the rise in thefts at these schools,” reads the council report.