‘Athletics structures need to be revamped’


German athletics expert Ralph Mouchbahani who was in the country last week said the sport’s administrative structures need to be revamped for the sport to move forward.
Mouchbahani arrived in the country on Friday and had an opportunity to travel to various provinces to review provincial and district structures.
“There is need to make adjustments in the way the sport is being run especially in the remote districts and provinces and it’s up to those who are running the sport to continue growing it,” said Mouchbahani.
“During my time here I managed to meet most of the stakeholders of the sport at the provincial championships on my second day here and the talent is there but there is no support from all the stakeholders especially when it comes to funding,” said Mouchbahani.
Mouchbahani said he would return to the country in the next three months although he said it would be wrong for people to think that he would be the solution to the sport.
“Obviously, I will be coming back in October but I’m not going to be the solution to Zimbabwean athletics because it’s up to the people on the ground to make their sport successful.
“All I can do help some of the coaches and administrators so that they can apply my proposals when I’m not there because it’s not up to the foreigners but the people on the ground to help he sport grow,” he said.
According to the German Athletics Federation website, Ralph Mouchbahani has been making available his coaching expertise to other countries since 1990.
He has also been a member of the development department of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and his commitment focuses particularly on training for coaches and athletes.
Mouchbahani has been termed a wanderer between worlds. Born in Egypt, he grew up in Lebanon and Germany.
It was there that he studied at the Sport University in Cologne and was awarded coaching licences by the German Athletics Federation and the IAAF.
His various coaching activities took him to Qatar and Switzerland as national coach and in Germany he served as national coach for the women’s long jump. He also played a key role in the development and certification of coaches the IAAF.