Tsvangirai meets student leaders


Student leaders from tertiary institutions on Monday met with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai over the goings-on in the country’s institutions of higher education.
The students told the premier that the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education was ignoring their plight.
They said the ministry was not effectively addressing their plight worsened by exorbitant tuition fees and the refusal by the institutions to release examination results because of debts.
Students say the ministry has so far not done anything to relieve their suffering.
Armed with information on the high drop-out rates, the student leaders told Tsvangirai of their desperate situation which includes the issue of colleges refusing to release results of hundreds of students who sat for their examinations last year.
The students told Tsvangirai that efforts to engage ministry officials, including minister Stan Mudenge, have been unsuccessful.
Mudenge is currently hospitalised after suffering a heart failure.
The students pleaded with Tsvangirai to investigate non-performance in the Higher Education ministry.
Zimbabwe National Students’ Union president Tafadzwa Mugwadi yesterday said if the government does not intervene, the students’ future would be bleak.
“If ministries do not perform, action has to be taken against them and in the case of our ministry, nothing is being done to help us,” he said.
Tertiary education has taken a serious downturn over the years and the formation of the inclusive government has done little to address students’ problems.
Recently, students from Gweru Polytechnic took the college to court challenging a decision to withhold results until fees ranging between $600 and $1 000 per semester were settled in full.