Council cancels Belvedere Sports Club lease


Moses Matenga
Harare City Council has terminated a lease agreement for land it had been leasing to Goanese Sports Club in Belvedere in a move that has riled the local Indian community.
The municipality wrote to management of the sports club notifying them of the termination of the lease agreement sparking outrage from patrons and the managers.
The club is patronised by members of the Indian community from Belvedere and its environs.
Structures are now being erected at the sports club with indications that council was ready to develop part of the pitch the Indian community say they wanted to develop into a sports arena.
Officials at the sports club appeared to be in the dark as to council’s intentions for the land.
Club chairman Tony De Souza said he was aware that council was making efforts to develop areas around the club but said he was however unaware of what they intended to do with their club.
“I am aware that there are plans by council to make developments but l do not know what they are doing as we have a lease agreement with council,” he said.
He, however, could not be drawn into commenting further on the issue as sources close to developments hinted the matter was being handled by legal practitioners from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.
Council public relations manager Leslie Gwindi said yesterday there were always reasons for council to terminate leases saying he would find out why in this case the municipality had decided to terminate the lease.
“I am not aware of that particular case but normally council always has reasons for that. You have to investigate further and find out if those people met their obligation,” he said.
An official at the sports club, expressed fury at the decision by the city fathers.