All—women show a hit


Pamberi Trust’s decision to provide a platform for female performers from different artistic genres three years ago is now paying off as the Sistaz Open Mic project now commands a huge following.
The trust’s gender officer, Batsirai Chigama, told NewsDay that they were encouraged by the huge response, especially among female artists drawn from genres including dance, music and poetry.
She said although the project started on a small scale, it has grown so much that poetry and music lovers were now looking forward to the shows.
“We had realised that it was not easy for young women to go out at night and perform, so we provided a safe platform for them, during which they can perform in the afternoon,” Chigama said. A show will be held this Saturday at the Book Café at 2pm where female performers will gather to celebrate the spirit of Ubuntu.
Chigama, who coordinates Sistaz Open Mic under the Flame (Female Literary Arts & Music Enterprise) project, said through Ubuntu, the female performers will be showing that art cuts across artificial boundaries such as race and tribe.
“Artists have a role to play in society, being the mirrors and gatekeepers of the moral fabric that holds us together as a people,” she added. She said the show will provide a space for poetry and music lovers.