The people shall write their own constitution — NCA


The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) wishes to re-affirm its position regarding the writing of the new constitution for Zimbabwe.
In 1999 we gathered in Chitungwiza at the National Working People’s Convention as well as the first People’s Constitutional Convention.
The constitution-making process is also clearly outlined in the Zimbabwe People’s Charter and again re-emphasised in Chitungwiza at the 2nd People’s Constitutional Convention in July of last year.
We resolved that there should be an inclusive and broad-based constitution-making process in Zimbabwe; to foster, protect and deepen a culture of human rights and respect for the rule of law in Zimbabwe and to implement, incorporate and protect human rights; hence we are guided by the following principles:
l The process of making a constitution is as important as the content of the constitution.
l A defective constitution-making process leads to a defective constitution
l The only process that is valid for the making of the constitution is a people- driven process, because a constitution must be by, and for, the people.
l It is only through a people-driven process that a constitution becomes legitimate thereby deserving respect by both present and future generations.
l A process which is either led or dominated by the main political parties of the government of the day or parliament is, by that fact alone, not people-driven.
l A people-driven process is one which:
l is not controlled by the government of the day or parliament of the day or the political parties of the time.
l is led by an independent body chaired by a non-partisan person of integrity and composed of all stakeholders including political parties, government, parliamentarians and all sections of civil society.
l provides for full participation by all citizens, including those in the Diaspora.
l Does not allow any person or group to change the draft constitution produced by the people whether before or after the referendum.
l Provides for a free and fair referendum
l A people-driven process requires a political environment where citizens enjoy freedoms and rights such as the freedom of assembly, of association, of movement and of expression (including full media freedoms).
The NCA, through the “Take Charge Campaign” have already started the campaign for the rejection of a draft constitution that will emerge from the fraudulent process currently underway and led by selfish, greedy politicians from Zanu PF and MDC.
We continue to be disappointed by fly-by-night and aimless civic groups that are aiding this money-spinning process but we also understand that they have sold out our principles because of their insatiable appetite for gold and silver, as well as their disgraceful desire for donor funds.
Most of these misguided organisations are busy sending false reports that there is progress in the government-led, confused constitution-making process while events on the grounds have clearly proven that the Mwonzora-Mangwana process is a monumental charade.
They are at pains to justify huge amounts of money they got from donors, under the false pretence of making a constitution for Zimbabwe.
The NCA will remain fully committed to the campaign for a genuine people-driven, democratic constitution for our country.
Take charge and complete the change: We the people shall write our constitution!

Madock Chivasa
National Spokesperson
National Constitutional