Readers’ Feedback


l My condolences to the families of all those who died aboard the Musanhi bus and the other one coming from Plumtree.
Government must take a cue from Botswana and South Africa and consider introducing a national road fund to cater for accidents on our roads.
Uncle Ken
l Why are trucks and buses allowed to use our roads without proper equipment? Most of them don’t have reflectors, fire extinguishers etc. and the drivers use tree branches as hazard signals whenever they break down. Those caught should pay fines of $100 or more. Police must act now.
l July 4, 2010 early in the morning a guy phones Radio Zim and informs presenter Tilda Karigamombe to please advise the cops of a fatal road accident near Half-way, along Bulawayo road. Tilda rudely says: “Hatisi kutaura izvozvo nhasi. Mapurisa kana akateerera achauyako.” (We’re not taking distress calls today. If the police are listening, they’ll arrive at the accident scene). The guy phones later to register his displeasure and is cut off. The nation is listening, Radio Zim, nhepfenyuro ya Tilda (Tilda’s station).
A public apology from the presenter to the guy and the listeners is urgently called for.
l Is the switching off of power in Bluff Hill politically motivated or what? Just imagine that on the day of the first quarter finals of the World Cup, power was switched off just after half time in the match between Brazil and the Netherlands and was only restored around 2200hrs. The following day it was switched off at 1545hrs!
Cleopas T Neuso
l Referees are killing football. Instead of awarding a score to Ghana and a red card the ref made Suarez the hero of the day, allowing him to take the ball from the net.
l I’m told Zanu PF is fully supported by “liquid” China, rich Libya, Iran and even “revolutionary” South Africa. MDC is supported by the powerful West! Add to that, we are said to be owners of diamonds, platinum and gold. Why aren’t we all stinking rich in this country?
Thanks for the superb pricing you have adopted for this paper. I want to contribute free motivational articles. How can l achieve this? Your Saturday cartoon was quite hilarious, I can’t stop laughing.
l Copac continue to cause confusion as they visit areas which have not been advertised on the wrong dates. In some areas no one attended the meetings, prompting a revisit, while others had less than 50 people present, mostly women. Communication is poor, with networks and the Internet down.
Almost two weeks have gone by and Copac still has not covered Hwange district. Njamba MP Hwange
l Thank you NewsDay for this nice paper. Keep on being neutral. You are a leading light in the provision of news from Zambezi to Limpopo.
Israel James
l The “kangaroo” method has been practice in most major hospitals in Zimbabwe even before Zidera and sanctions.
Ask any midwife from Mpilo and Harare hospitals. No need to be shocked, madam Khupe, unless you are a Martian.
JRMO Mutape
l Your paper is wonderful. Keep on improving.
Manyarara Amos, Kwekwe