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Face to face with Newman Chipeni


Entertainment Reporter
In 2003, Newman Chipeni (NC) entered into the local music limelight with his hit song Chati Huwi from his debut album, Tumai Rudo.

Then suddenly he ‘disappeared’ from the scene. The self-proclaimed Jazz maestro has been respected especially by the urban grooves community for creating the bridge between music for the youths and that of the elderly.

NewsDay reporter Carter Chapwanya (CC) caught up with him and spoke about his music, among other things.

CC: Tell us briefly about yourself.

NC: I am an artiste, guitarist, keyboard player and music teacher. I’m also an estate agent, insurance broker, business and financial consultant. I grew up as a rock musician then went into fusion. I am ageless; I push heavy weights in the gym. I am a good karate fighter and I love Yoga and meditating and my golf swing is pretty good.

CC: Chati Huwi has been described as the musical bridge within the ages is that what your music is about?

NC: Yes, absolutely, my music is collector’s collection. It’s soothing, memorable, enjoyable and identifiable.

CC: Tell us about your productions, which artistes have you produced for and how is the response?

NC: Lots! Dino Mudondo, Decibel, Nonsi, Precious Chawatama, and don’t forget I have done work for Innocent Utsiwegota, the Harare Mambos, Michael Lanas, Alexio, Tendai Mupfurutsa, and a host of other artistes, not forgetting the Nyaradzo Hymns. It’s all about one’s courage and humility for them to approach a producer and say ‘can you produce my music?’ Who knows? I could do it for free.

CC: You have been silent for quite a while. What have you been up to? I mean in your music career?

NC: You see, sometimes I do a lot of studio work like adverts, producing for artistes, hotel circuit performances and teaching. However, I’ve now tasked my manager to focus more on organising public shows for my band to showcase my latest album entitled Classical Choices.

CC: So where do you see yourself in five years?

NC: I see myself as someone who has promoted the arts, the youths, our heritage and culture and its exposure with the national economic benefits attached to it and to create a legacy of love, compassion and artistic flair.
CC: What is your message to fellow musicians and your fans out there?

NC: To Zimbabwean musicians I say please learn to play some instrument so that you are able to musically communicate and enjoy your art-form and to empower your children with musical skills.To my fans I say look out for my Classical Collections album, it’s out already and please keep up the support!

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