Open Letter to PM: Plea on behalf of 110 000 disadvantaged candidates


Dear Editor
I am an ordinary concerned citizen, parent and Christian writing to you as the leader of government and decision-maker in the Parliament of Zimbabwe concerning the subject mentioned above.
Please advantage the disadvantaged candidates and allow them to write exams. Use your prime ministerial powers to announce that all students will be permitted to sit for exams and the fees issue for the whole country will be sorted out later.
I have already sought audience with the relevant parliamentary committee and have been advised it will only resume business around October because of the constitutional outreach business. You, the prime minister, are my last hope.
16 June 1976 saw around 200 South African high school children killed for asking for decent education.
In Zimbabwe where apartheid is foreign I trust our prime minister will allow the 110 000 children to prepare for the exams they will sit for in November 2010.
Your announcement must come now because this term is crucial for exam preparation.

Simba Sibanda 63-826504 J 58