Howard not suitable — Chingoka


Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) chairman Peter Chingoka has said John Howard was not the best candidate for the International Cricket Council (ICC) vice presidency.
He said the push for election of the former Australian prime minister was akin to “asking me to come and edit the Melbourne Age without any experience in the journalism industry”.
“No one has a problem with an Australian candidate, no one has a problem with a New Zealand candidate – if it’s an individual we can accept,” Chingoka told the Age newspaper.
“There is a lot of talent in Australia and New Zealand. I could give you at least six names from Australia who have been on the Australian board or the board of the ICC who are very competent and would be immediately suitable, I can give you two or three names from New Zealand who would be immediately suitable.” While Howard, along with Cricket Australia and NZ Cricket, has complained about not knowing the basis of the widespread opposition, Chingoka said such reasons were “not palatable to some people, but reasons have been given”.
Reports yesterday said Howard had been given no indication as to why his candidacy was blocked by a reported six of the 10 major cricketing nations at the ICC’s meeting in Singapore.
“Even in private discussions they are very reluctant to give a reason,” Howard told Australia’s Sky News.
The ICC asked both Cricket Australia (CA) and New Zealand Cricket (NZC), who nominated Howard to the role, to resubmit a new candidate by August. 31. The vice president will become the president of the governing body in 2012.
“I won’t be withdrawing. I wanted to do this job, I wanted to do it well and I would have devoted my full time to it.
“If it was in some way based on past political reasons then that is a very bad precedent to be establishing for the ICC because there are serving politicians holding positions of authority within the ICC.
“I’m not criticising that but I’m just drawing attention to it,” Howard said.