Tennis Zimbabwe eyes Federation Cup


Tennis Zimbabwe (TZ) vice president Regis Bhunu says his association is eyeing a return to the Federations Cup — the equivalent of the men’s Davis Cup – and have already begun making an inventory of all the players who have gone abroad on TZ scholarships.
He said Zimbabwe would participate in the Fed Cup, where the country has the potential to compete and hopefully emulate the former glory of the Davis Cup team.
“We are in the process of sourcing funds so that we have a team for the Fed Cup next year. We have noticed that we have a number of female players based in the US who are capable of competing against the best players,” said Bhunu.
“Some of them have finished college and university and it would be the best opportunity to make a comeback to the tournament since 2008.”
This year TZ had to pay a $1 500 Fed Cup penalty to the International Tennis Federation after they failed to raise a team to participate.
The Fed Cup is the premier team competition in women’s tennis, and the men’s equivalent of the Davis Cup. Names that quickly come to mind include Fadzayi Masiyazi who is now one of the coaches at Southern Illinois University, Vimbayi Mawisire, Tanya Gombera, and Kerry Langworthy.
NewsDay recently broke the news when it emerged during the board meeting that out of almost 30 players who had gone abroad on scholarships only two had come back to represent the country. Bhunu said TZ would be monitoring the player’s activities.