Rural councillors earn $35


Councillors in rural areas are earning a measly $35 in allowances a month compared to their counterparts in urban areas who pocket $100 making them vulnerable to corruption, NewsDay heard yesterday.
The Deputy Minister of Local Government Sesel Zvidzai confirmed councillors in rural areas were aggrieved by the paltry allowances and emphasised that this was impacting negatively on the smooth execution of duties.“It’s true that councillors are getting $35 a month but the sad fact of the matter is that councils are also only getting 35% of their projected earnings,” said Zvidzai
We appreciate that the allowances are meagre but the issue of the allowances should be looked at in the context of the performance of the economy.”
Zvidzai added that some rural councils were failing to pay councillor because their coffers were dry.“Few councils are even able to pay the $35 allowances but we would like to encourage them to reimburse councillors’ travelling costs so that council business does not stop,” said Zvidzai.
Councillors for cities and other municipalities get $100 a month, while those of smaller local boards such as Ruwa earn $60 and mayors get a monthly allowance of $150.