Readers’ Feedback


lMaguwu’s report on Chiadzwa is very accurate. Violation of human rights and the looting of diamonds is rife.
The story in The Chronicle of October 5 2009 titled ‘Officer appeals against disciplinary hearing’ is evidence. Most officers own cars which are far beyond the reach of their salaries and bought from the proceeds of looted diamonds. Anti-corruption commission is needed.
lFantastic paper! Would Commisssioner General Chihuri please tell the whole country what the police are doing with the $2 the police are taking from commuter operators daily?
Enough, Harare
lThanks for the good job you’re doing. Could someone please tell Wayne Bvudzijena that he is serving the people of Zimbabwe, not Zanu PF.
We are watching. Enough is enough! Judgement day is coming.
lCan someone please put a stop to the practice by police who operate from a bus stop near St Mary’s in Chitungwiza. They have turned the spot into a kombi ‘tollgate’.
It is pathetic that they do not issue receipts; they pocket the money. Chihuri, what are you doing about this issue?
lI think the soccer World Cup lesson for Zim football is very clear. The policy ashould not be “Look East” but rather “Look West” (Latin America) for total football.
Nduna Sibanda
lNewsDay is nice. Your stories inform on everything and they don’t take sides. Keep it up.
J Bru, Hwange
lThank you for the balanced news. We ask you to in vestigate the electricity load-shedding in Masvingo and surrounding areas.
lIt is sad to hear that the president has used his powers to stop further auctioning of the RBZ assets.
What about the $4,8m stripped from UZ? J Katso, UZ
lWhat a paper! Is it meant to be an afternoon/evening paper for Bulawayo? Bulawayo distribution is pathetic.
Thank you for the news but can you balance it with news from Hwange-Vic Falls e.g. mining consortiums mushroom in Hwange coalfields, Chinese pollute environment etc.
Njamba — MP, Hwange
lMoreblessing Fadzi Manhimanzi from Nyanga (Kanyimo) I have your documents.
Contact Wimbai Sadomba on 0913 782 470
l Can you please remind Zanu PF that there are better people to lead Zimbabwe than Mugabe. He must GO!
Chamunorwa Denga
lThanks for your paper NewsDay. I enjoy it. Even though I’m far from town I can get it every day. Thanks also to our distributor Salim.
Nyasha Joe, Sanyati
lThank you for being absolutely professional. My concern has to do with the axing of ministers by the PM. How can he replace Mahlangu with someone from outside Matebeleland.
Clearly the PM does not respect people from this region. It is therefore inecessary for us to debate whether we should continue supporting parties led by people from outside our region.
Tribalism has to stop, please. It has destroyed Africa. Your paper is good. Keep it up.
lWith the popularity that NewsDay is gaining with all sectorsof our society, it would be great if you would include educational topics.
Uncle Ken