Huge lawsuit for Zanu PF looters


Barely four months after lawmakers from the mainstream MDC vowed to expose and ensure that perpetrators of the 2008 political violence are brought to book, nine Zanu PF activists are being hauled before the courts on a $200 000 lawsuit.
The nine, all from Guruve, are being sued in their individual capacities as indications are that the chickens are coming home to roost for culprits of politically-motivated violence which claimed thousands of lives and property worth millions of dollars.
The accused allegedly razed to ashes an eight-roomed farmhouse, a tractor, a truck, expensive farm equipment and livestock belonging to Andrew Kanengoni whom they suspected of backing the MDC-T in Zimbabwe’s historic synchronised elections which saw President Robert Mugabe lose to Morgan Tsvangirai.
The MDC-T leadership insists that perpetrators of violence must be held accountable for battering their supporters.
The alleged Guruve arsonists and looters are Golden Mungwariri, Zanu PF Gota branch vice chairman, Amon Raramayi a war veteran and “influential senior Gota base commander, Tendai Makwavarara, political commissar of the branch and one E Mungwariri, a councillor of Ward 17 of the same branch.
Others include Prisca Mupara and a Chadyemwana aka Mai Thomas, both staunch Zanu PF supporters, Moses Kagwedza, Biswork Mandaza and Admit Mutupo.
The nine failed to defend themselves, resulting in Kanengoni, whose property was destroyed at the height of political tension two years ago applying for a default judgment this month. The accused do not seem to have any legal representation.
Time to respond to the summons served on the nine expired before they could respond or defend themselves prompting Kanengoni to file an application for default judgment.
While Kanengoni is represented by Gonese, Majome & Co legal practitioners, Zanu PF has been abandoned by lawyers representing its party members amid reports that the party has repeatedly failed to pay them.
NewsDay recently reported a case where incarcerated Zanu PF activists had written a letter of apology to their victim begging for forgiveness saying their party had abandoned them.
Vice President Joice Mujuru is on record saying perpetrators of political violence had themselves to blame and that the party would not come to their rescue.
According to court papers, the nine allegedly went to Kanengoni’s farm on April 24 2008 and destroyed, burnt and looted property accusing him of being an MDC supporter who had to be punished for being a sell out.
They were allegedly led by Raramayi and Kagwedza when they committed the crime.
“Among the property that was destroyed, burnt and looted is an eight-roomed farm house, 75 HP John Deere tractor, a Datsun 1800 truck, new ostrich incubator, household items and tools, farming inputs, 10 goats, 65 chickens, 160 litres of diesel, unharvested crops, two ox ploughs, two ox ridgers, ox cultivator and numerous other items,” Kanengoni states in his court papers.”
He also stated that the Zanu PF activists ordered his workers to stop working because the farm had been taken over.
“This therefore resulted in crop loses of an estimated 110 tonnes of red sorghum, 64 tonnes of white maize, 20 tonnes of soya beans, 9 tonnes of sugar beans and a tonne of sunflowers,” the papers read.
Kanengoni reported the case to the police resulting in the recovery of some of the property from the homes of the Zanu PF activists.
According to reports compiled by civil society in the run-up to elections, tens of thousands of MDC supporters were severely injured, others were made to disappear, hundreds were reported dead and thousands were rendered homeless. Many MDC supporters, according to the reports, fled to South Africa where they sought sanctuary.
Tsvangirai dropped out of the race saying there was a price on his head and took refuge in the Dutch Embassy, but President Mugabe went ahead with a one man presidential re-run in which he was declared the winner.