Big victory for the girl child


Recent developments in girls’ soccer about Manama High School’s girls team failing to get a ticket to the 2010 Norway Cup games because of bungling by sports officials made sad reading.
And one wonders what would have been the case had Manama been the loser at the competition and still got the ticket instead of the winners from Guruve. It had to take the voice of Matabeleland South Governor Angeline Masuku, the acting minister of Education, Sport and Culture Prof Welshman Ncube and Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) chairman Joseph James to come up with a solution.The usual vocal groups that have always purported to support the girl child went silent.

SRC director-general Charles Nhemachena was quoted as saying: “Following a complaint on the selection of the team to participate at the 2010 Norway Cup Tournament, the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) instituted a formal inquiry into the matter. The SRC Board found that Casa — a Youth Education through Sport team based in Guruve — was adjudged to be the winner of the qualifying tournament on the basis of wrongly computed results. MAGISOC — a Youth Education through Sport team based at Manama Secondary School — was deemed to have failed to lodge a formal complaint against that determination within the time provided for in the rules.
“In keeping with the Commission’s values of fairness and fair play the Board resolved that MAGISOC were the bona fide winners of the qualifying tournament and should be registered to participate at the 2010 Norway Cup.”
You cannot help but wonder if the computing of results was not deliberately manipulated to suit Casa by some clever chap or the grand plan was just to make sure that the rural girl from Manama stays rooted at home.
Remember this is not a victory for Manama only, but for all those who have been prejudiced of opportunities to participate at higher levels by corrupt and greedy officials. And thumbs up to the SRC for maintaining their values of fairness and fair play, or was it because there was pressure?