Vagrant gets 20 years for rape


The Harare vagrant who was last week convicted of raping a pregnant street kid seven times will rue the day he laid hands on her after a Harare magistrate yesterday slapped him with a 20-year jail term for his actions.
Magistrate Daniel Shonhiwa described the convict Benjamin Moyo as a person of “bullish disposition.”
Moyo (20) will serve an effective 16 years with hard labour after the court suspended four on condition he does not commit a similar offence within the next four years.
Passing sentence, Shonhiwa said he agreed with the state that Moyo had been convicted of a very serious offence which called for a custodial sentence.
“I agree with the state that the offence you stand convicted for is a very serious one; more so considering that you raped the pregnant girl at knife point exposing her to miscarriage,” the magistrate said.
“To be honest with you this case has all the ingredients of a very bad case. You exposed the unborn child to the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV simply because you wanted to quench your sexual desire,” Shonhiwa said.
“During the rape, Moyo initiated the position the girl was supposed to take. He showed his brutal nature by asking the girl to bend down before him disregarding her pregnancy.”
When the girl objected, Moyo stabbed her in the palm with a knife forcing her into submission. The courts do not condone this kind of behaviour, he said, where the fittest will carry the day. Shonhiwa said.
The state proved that Moyo sold braids to the girl for $2 which he agreed would be paid when the girl managed to raise the money.
On several occasions he approached her demanding payment, but she did not have the money and promised to pay Moyo as soon as her boyfriend could raise the amount.
At one point, the girl and her boyfriend had to re-locate from one street to another in a bid to avoid Moyo, but he hunted them down for his money.
He caught up with the pregnant girl one night, while she was walking alone along Park Lane Street and raped her. The magistrate lambasted Moyo for failing to appreciate that they were staying on the streets which was a challenge on its own, but he chose to aggravate the pregnant girl’s challenges by abusing her.
Prosecutor Joyce Tapiwa Fusire appeared for the state.