Talent search 2 gets underway


The Repertory Players Theatre (Reps) will be hosting the second and final edition of Harare’s Got Talent on July 31, less than two months after the first show.
Harare’s got talent 2 will be similar to the first one in the sense that it still has no age restriction and performances of any kind including bands, magic acts, singing and dancing are welcome.
“After the overwhelming success of the first show, it’s time for Harare’s got Talent 2, a show that was decided on after we had so many people wanting to be in the first show but did not get the chance,” said the Production Director, Stan Higgins.
The talent search is for anyone in Harare who feels that they are talented in any genre of performing arts.
The auditions are taking place in the Adrian Stanley Room at Reps Theatre on July 4 at 1100hours.
“The show will be very similar to the previous one except that it will be shorter and this time we would most preferably like to get in non-singing acts like comedians, acrobats and the like,” he said.
Higgins said that so far, he had about a dozen people who wanted to take part and after the auditions he would prefer about 20 acts to go through to the final show on July 31.
He also said that the winners were set to receive fabulous prizes including hampers and gift vouchers.
Harare’s got Talent got such a positive response from the public that the production group at Reps theatre have decided to host one final show.