SOS from Mother of Peace Community


Dear Editor
We are appealing for people to keep in mind the children at Mother of Peace Community (MOPC) in Mutoko and many others like them. These children have never known the love of a biological parent or the support of a family.
May the world be more sensitive to their cry, not only to pity them but to open up and reach out to these children or at least to make them part of a family.
More often then not, the world hears the cry of these children and out of pity they only give them a slice of bread and at times a blanket to cover them.
What we do not realise is that the children’s main worry is not hunger for food and clothes but for love, in various forms.
Love can provide shelter, food and the dignity of humanity in an African child.
Let us put our hearts together and reach out to these children.
Be blessed.