Political violence is on the increase despite GPA


There have already been reports coming in of politically based violence and it was noted by violence monitors that this increased once political party principals started talking about the possibility of elections in May next year.
This is in spite of the fact that Article 18 (d) of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) dealing with the Security of Persons and Prevention of Violence states: “that all political parties, other organisations and their leaders shall commit themselves to do everything to stop and prevent all forms of political violence, including by non-state actors and shall consistently appeal to their members to desist from violence.”
With increasing evidence that political violence is happening and likely to escalate, what can communities do to protect themselves?
For example, in Ghana in the key elections which saw the ending of successive military regimes, rural communities communicated by mobile phone and a network of locally-based radio stations.
These communities picked up the messages and broadcast them nationally and internationally, which helped prevent violence and reduce vote rigging.

Bill Watch