Book details UZ transformation under Kamba


A book detailing how Prof Kamba transformed the then University of Rhodesia from being a University IN Zimbabwe to the University OF Zimbabwe is set to be launched on Thursday at 10 am at the University of Zimbabwe campus in the Council Room.
Professor Walter Kamba made it possible for black students to be allowed to study at the university. He became the first and longest serving black Vice Chancellor (1981-1992).
He left the University in 1992, after which he was engaged in different programmes which included Human Resources (in the university’s law faculty) and rural development.
It was in 1992 when people from Kellogg Foundation for Institutional Transformation Programme approached him with regards to how he transformed the then University of Rhodesia. Prof Kamba then embarked on the journey of writing a book Academia and the Dynamics of Transformative Leadership, but unfortunately passed on before the completion of the book.
Mable Hungwe together with Angeline Kamba, then sought for people who worked closely with the late Professor Kamba, and managed to locate Ranga Zinyemba the then Registrar of the University of Zimbabwe.
Ranga Zinyemba, together with many unidentified friends of the late Prof Kamba contributed to the writing of the book. Zinyemba is also editor of the book.
However, now that the book is out, the Centre for Rural Development (CRD) is giving ownership and copyright to the Walter Kamba Trust to allow them to produce more copies.


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