Author Sebastian Horsley dies


LONDON— Eccentric dandy author Sebastian Horsley, best known for having himself nailed to a cross in the Philippines in the name of art, has died of a suspected drug overdose, British media reported.
The 47-year-old was found dead at his London apartment on Thursday just days after a play adapted from his memoirs opened at the Soho Theatre.
In 2008, he was denied entry to the United States on the grounds of “moral turpitude”.
“They said I was suffering from moral turpitude,” Horsley said at the time. “I was very surprised. I’m feeling quite well. I’ve never drunk turpentine in my life.”
He was also quoted to have said: “I have invested 90% of my money on prostitutes, the rest on Class A drugs, the remains I squandered.”
His lurid autobiography of drug addiction and sex called Dandy in the Underworld was variously described as amusing and revolting.
It was turned into a play written and directed by Tim Fountain. Tributes poured in for Horsley, recognisable by his flamboyant dress and towering black top hat. “Totally obscure, totally weird; always interesting, always funny. In an age of corporate press releases, he was blessed relief,” wrote Emily Hill in the Guardian. — Reuters