Man builds glass house


If you thought you could build a house using only brick and mortar, then this one will definitely blow your mind.
Felix Gora (55) of Cranborne Harare, is currently building an enormous house entirely from glass.
His innovation has set tongues wagging, with people saying he should not even think of throwing stones.
Gora has transformed his seven-roomed house into a majestic work of glass art covering all the house’s interior and exterior walls.
He attributes this craftsmanship to his desire for bringing to life the reality of “glass communication”.
“There are so many glasses in here, but they are not just meaningless and plain,” says Gora. “Every piece of glass here serves a purpose and is structured well for that purpose.”
“My house is an expression of purposeful work with a meaning and a message.”
Even his bed is surrounded by glass – a scenario that would make an ordinary person get goose pimples.
All his wardrobes and other pieces of furniture in the three bedrooms are made of glass, including wooden surfaces that have glass glued to them.
It is almost impossible for strangers visiting Gora’s house to move without bumping into some glass. In fact, one cannot tell whether they are coming or going because of the optical illusion created by the glass surfaces.
Glass surrounds a bar in the house and a small upper room is entirely made of glass.
The same can be said of the kitchen where impressive glass images are evident. And Gora has abandoned traditional curtains for glass.
“It is not ordinary glass, but it is structural glass that was put here to capture a meaning,” he said.
Gora described the glass as solar-shield glass which he said was very expensive.
“This place is an expression of everything l do. This type of glass is called solar-shield or Venetia glass, one of the most expensive that enables one to see from inside, but when you are outside you see nothing,” he said indicating that he did not need curtains as the glass would serve the same purpose.
Gora said he was not yet through with construction and would continue until his dream was realised.
“We want to put life to it. It is still very well much under construction,” said the soft spoken former Churchill High School metalwork teacher.
He said his house was once used as a home to Danger, a character in the popular Studio 263 soap.
Even popular musician Andy Brown used to rehearse there.
But Gora’s “House of Glass” is yet to find a woman of the house. He said he was still hunting for Miss Right.
“I am not yet married but l would love to be,” he said jokingly.