Maguwu very ill says lawyer


Maguwu was finally examined by a doctor of his choice on Wednesday following a Court order by High Court Judge Chinembiri Bhunu and was declared ‘very’ ill, one of his lawyers Trust Maanda said.
Maguwu is represented by three lawyers Beatrice Mtetwa, Trust Maanda and Tinoziva Bere.
On Wednesday Beatrice Mtetwa told Justice Bhunu during a bail hearing that her client’s life was in danger saying “His medication has been interrupted because of moving from one Police station to another, and when it was resumed it had been substituted with one of unknown origin after being prescribed by a doctor who is not known”.
“Our client is finally receiving treatment at a local hospital and we are happy that the state has acted according to the order of the court,” said Maanda
Justice Bhunu is expected to make a ruling on June 21 following submissions made by both the defense and the state yesterday.
Maguwu was arrested on June 3 following his alleged meeting with Kimberley Process monitor, Abbey Chikane.