Mutambara blasts President, PM


The outstanding issues on the Global Political Agreement are a sign of political extremism by two political principals who cannot subordinate their selfish political party interest in pursuit of national prosperity.
This was said by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara(pictured) while addressing scores of his party supporters at a rally at Stanley Hall Makokoba, Bulawayo on Sunday.
“We had a meeting last Tuesday. Mugabe can’t speak to Tsvangirai and vice-versa,” Mutambara said. “I had to intervene and force them to maturity.
“When history is written correctly, people will know what a wonderful job our party did to bring sanity to this GNU.”
He said the government had made great achievement towards building a better, peaceful and prosperous nation.
These achievements include the creation of a Zimbabwe Media Commission, the Human Rights Commission and the Electoral Commission. The three principals have agreed on the names of the Anti-Corruption Commission and the beginning of the Constitutional Outreach teams this week.
Mutambara spoke about his concern over the other principals who stuck to their political interests and had lost focus on the immediate needs of the masses – allowing these outstanding issues to overshadow their achievements.
Mutambara called upon the nation to focus on the issues that had been agreed upon saying doing so would prove that the issues that were settled were more important than the unresolved issues.
He urged Zimbabweans to learn from the recent British political settlement which was based on compromise not individuals.
Turning to the constitution-making process, Mutambara urged total participation but made it clear that his party supported the principle of devolution of power.
Such a system, he said, did not arise out of regionalism but was the realisation that central governance had failed.
He advised his party supporters not to forget proportional representation as an election formula so that each and every vote would count and minority interest would be represented.