Whistleblower to appear in court


Farai Maguwu, the director of a non-governmental organisation, arrested after he allegedly passed damning information about the goings-on in Chiadzwa to the Kimberley Processing (KP) monitor, is now expected to appear at the magistrates’ court in Harare today.
Maguwu was arrested last Thursday after he turned himself at Mutare Central Police Station. He was transferred to Harare on Sunday. He is director of the Centre for Research and Development (CRD) which has been detailing human rights abuses in Chiadzwa for the past two years.
His lawyer, Tinoziva Bere, yesterday told NewsDay that Maguwu was expected to appear in court today.
“The position is that we met with a representative of the Attorney General and they have agreed that he is going to court,” Bere said.
The lawyer said Maguwu, who was last night detained at Rhodesville Police Station in Harare, was likely to appear in court this morning.
“But the bad news is that they are opposing bail because they say police are still investigating. They are punishing him.”
Bere said they were unhappy because the police had arrested Maguwu who handed himself in “for them to investigate”.
He said charges against Maguwu had also been changed from that of passing false information to the KP monitor, Chikane to that he passed false information to some other individuals.
Bere said Maguwu fell ill at the weekend while in police custody in Mutare but was denied medication.Yesterday Bere said his client was “physically still not well” but his “spirits were high”. He is said to be suffering from a chest related ailment.
Maguwu ‘s troubles with the police started after he allegedly gave a report to the KP monitor detailing cases of alleged human rights abuses by security agents at Chiadzwa and smuggling of diamonds by officials from Canadile Mining.
He told journalists after he allegedly gave the information to Chikane in Mutare two weeks ago that: “I gave him evidence showing how Zimbabwe has not moved an inch in meeting KP requirements. Soldiers are still involved in illegal mining.