Prominent bus operator drags lover to court over HIV


A top bus operator Willie Nyamweda — the owner of Nyamweda Buses —dragged a woman to court for allegedly trying to infect him with HIV.
Sally Tavengwa, 32, was named in court papers as the woman who allegedly boasted that she had “fixed” the bus operator by infecting him with HIV.
According to court documents Nyamweda and Tavengwa were lovers. Nyamweda is a married man.
Tavengwa has been charged with contravening the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 for deliberately being intimate with a man knowing she was HIV positive.
However, Tavengwa failed to turn up for the court hearing on Monday last week and Harare magistrate Oliver Mariga immediately issued a warrant for her arrest.
Police tracked Tawengwa down and arrested her last Friday. She was detained in custody over the weekend and is expected to appear in court today. Tavengwa was represented by legal counsel from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.
The state, led by prosecutor David Mangwende, alleged that the complainant made amorous advances to Tavengwa last month and she accepted his proposal. The state further alleged that during the night of January 15 2010 the two agreed to be intimate without protection, but the accused did not disclose her HIV status.
Subsequently Tavengwa allegedly claimed she had “fixed” Nyamweda by infecting him with the deadly virus.
Stunned by her remarks, Nyamweda reported the matter to Hatfield police. Tavengwa was later arrested at her home in Hatfield.
During the trial proceedings, the court ordered the accused to undergo an HIV test at Harare hospital and the results produced in court confirmed her HIV positive status.
However, proceedings were stopped after the accused made an application challenging the constitutionality of the charge, citing infringement of her rights.
The court referred the case to the High Court.
Nyamweda said he had since undergone an HIV test and his results were negative.
Tawengwa was expected to appear in court today on contempt of court charges.