Popular Urban Groover, Stunner survives car crash


Local Rapper Stunner on Monday recounted how he survived a car crash on his way back from a show in Nyanga.

The musician survived the accident with minor injuries.

On Monday Stunner said that he was feeling “fine” although he would need to get proper medical examination in case he might have sustained internal injuries.

The accident took place a few metres after the Rusape tollgate around midday when he rammed into a kombi on his way from Nyanga, where he had been performing.

“I actually saw the kombi as it was parked on the other side of the road and suddenly it was trying to make a U-turn in front of me,” said Stunner.

Stunner who was in the company of fellow Urban Groovers Mc Chita, Junior Brown, Shastro and DJ Nature who had joined him for the show, said the kombi driver had been badly injured in the accident.

“We are all fine although I have minor back pains which I will go and have checkups for,” he said.

He blamed the accident on the kombi driver whom he said failed to look out for oncoming vehicles before making a U-turn in the highway.

“The kombi guys were push starting their vehicle on the road side and when it started the driver just got into the road to make a U-turn without even checking if it was clear of traffic,” said the popular singer.