Aunt pleads for death sentence


Florence Murawu (62), the aunt of murdered Jean Murawu, has asked the High Court to sentence her niece’s killer Nqobile Sibanda to death.

Murawu has expressed anger and pain at the delay of justice on her niece’s murderer whom she says is living a much better life than some people who are not in prison.

Sibanda was convicted of Jean’s murder nine years ago and has been awaiting sentence since then.

NewsDay revealed earlier this month that Sibanda would finally be sentenced by June 7.

In an exclusive interview with NewsDay, the disheartened woman expressed how she felt about Sibanda’s long ‘evasion’ of justice.

She argued that Sibanda was living well compared to other convicted murderers because he came from a rich background.

“Nqobile Sibanda was found guilty of murdering my niece nine years ago yet he is still being allowed to breathe and live even better than other people who are not in prison.

“His father (name supplied) is a football legend who is also music producer. He is very wealthy and sends food to the prison where his son is.

“When he (Nqobile) is not well, he gets first class treatment so that he may live – asi iye akauraya muzukuru wangu (yet he murdered my niece).

“The High Court should stop delaying and just give him the death penalty. Kuna Jean ndokwaanofanira kuendawo. (He should be killed just as he killed Jean)” said an emotional Murawu.

She added that she was disturbed and hurt by the Zimbabwean justice system where Justice Uchena recused himself from the case giving an excuse that he was also a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church as was the convict and could therefore be biased.

The dismayed aunt however vowed to continue pursuing justice for her niece saying she would only stop when Nqobile Sibanda was given a sentence similarly to that which he gave her niece.

NewsDay this month gave a summary of the nine years within which Nqobile Sibanda’s sentence has been procrastinated due to a number of unprecedented reasons.

Facts agreeable before the High Court are that Sibanda murdered Jean who was pregnant by stabbing her five times.

He dumped her her nude body along the Nyanga Rusape road.